Why does storytelling work for both business and consumers


If there is something we cannot deny; it is that stories are part of us; they always are and will be in our lives. So much so that 65% of our conversations are made up of personal stories and gossip, according to Scientific American.

The stories are presented in such trivial ways as an answer to a: “what did you do yesterday?” To something deeper like: “What was your happiest moment as a child?”, And can change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors

What is storytelling?

In the context of companies, I like to think of storytelling as the union of two worlds: that of stories and that of business. In other words, harness the power of stories to meet a business or organization objective.

This is not the only definition and you can find many more if you do a quick search on the internet, but for me, it is aligned to see storytelling beyond entertainment and more as a strategic tool for the company.

Being something strategic, it is implicit that you must be clear about what you will use storytelling for. It’s not about telling any story just because you read out there that you should understand one to the board of directors, customers or your team.


Why does storytelling work for both business and consumers?

A good story motivates action, and this suits companies, entrepreneurs, and all those who fight for the attention of consumers, employees, investors, followers, etc …

Probably that’s why you listen and read more and more about storytelling.

Elements of Effective Storytelling

To sell

It implies going beyond the advantages that your product or service can have, and complementing, for example, with stories of how other customers have benefited or have managed to solve their problems.

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